Hello world!

29 08 2011

Hello world!!

Being a first timer blogger is a hard thing for me. I am not a writer nor has the talent to create exciting stories for all the world to see. It bothers me, so I keep asking myself why do I have to do all of this writing ? But my small brain doesn’t have the ability to visualize a clear picture of what is going to happen now that I am already into it.

You see I am a newbie Internet Marketer, trying to make a dissent living out of it. But the way it’s happening now is discouraging, but I am not a person that gives up  easily without a fight. So here I am doing whatever it takes to survive.

Have you heard about lead poisoning?You see several years back glossy paints were used rampantly almost everywhere mainly because its look impressive. People are not aware of the chemical contents and what effect will it brings to all members of the family who lives into their dream houses. But as years passed and technology advances it was found out that old glossy paint is not as glossy as it looks but instead it brings bad news, because of the health problems it brings specially to children who had been exposed to it’s silent but deadly lead content.

Removing or those lead contaminated paints can be tedious job, but nowadays you can find professional people or companies to carry out the paint removal and disposal to chemical waste incinerators or other  paint disposal  facilities.




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